Jordana’s Family

Without the dedication of our committed team, we would not be where we are today - pushing DIPG research forward and advocating for children with this disease.

Alison Fiorini

Jordana’s Mother

Luciano Fiorini

Jordana’s Father

Lucas Fiorini

Jordana’s Big Brother

Laurence Fiorini

Jordana’s Little Brother

Meet The Foundation’s Extended Family

Our cast of Rainbow Warriors support our mission by volunteering their time and lending us their creative minds. Their tireless work pushes our vision every day as we rise to meet new challenges together.

Duet Public Relations

Jordana’s Rainbows is powered by Jennifer and Maddison. For all enquiries, please contact them at

Kanvas Studio

Kathryn and her team at Kanvas Studio are true powerhouses of branding and design. In fact, you’re looking at their work right now!

Samantha Bohay

Mix one part Super Mom and one part Queen of Crafts and you have Samantha - a longtime creative supporter of Jordana’s Rainbows.