Proud to Partner With SickKids

The Jordana’s Rainbows Foundation works closely with The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada to advance DIPG research in order to find a cure. As of January 2022, Jordana’s Rainbows has raised just over $1.8M+ towards this effort.

How We Support DIPG Research at SickKids

Donations to Jordana’s Rainbows are put to good use to help children and families fighting this disease. Here are some of the ways we’re helping.

Dr. Peter Dirks Brain Cancer Stem Cell Lab at SickKids

The Dirks Lab at SickKids focuses on the biology of brain tumours in children and adults and works to understand the link between stem cell biology, development, and brain tumor growth.

We have supported Dr. Peter Dirks and The Dirks Lab to help them introduce Canada’s first-ever DIPG clinical trials that will bring hope of new therapeutic opportunities for children with DIPG and other brain tumours.

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AboutKidsHealth by SickKids

AboutKidsHealth is a health education website for children, youth, and their caregivers, and aims to make health information more accessible to provide support in critical moments.

This important resource contains vital information from the latest DIPG research available, which we are working every day to push forward in order to help more families battling this disease.

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The Clinical Trials & Infrastructure Innovation Fund

SickKids conducts more clinical trials than any other pediatric centre in Canada, and the number continues to increase each year. With each new trial comes new possibilities for patient-targeted treatments for this disease that has no cure.
Our Clinical Trials & Infrastructure Innovation Fund was created to help SickKids take advantage of these opportunities and execute these trials with the utmost precision, safety, and ethical integrity.

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Jordana’s Rainbows Holiday Gift Card Drive for SickKids

When Jordana spent her last Christmas at SickKids Hospital, she told her parents she wanted to return the following year to bring gifts for the patients so that they never felt alone or forgotten. That same day, her family received an envelope with a gift card and a note written by a family who had spent their holidays at SickKids years before. It read “Merry Christmas - you are never alone.” The idea of our Holiday Gift Card Drive was born from Jordana’s wish and that random act of kindness.

You can make a gift card donation to a SickKids family by clicking below. The card will be distributed by SickKids staff from Jordana’s Rainbows Foundation.

Working Together Alongside SickKids

The extraordinary research and clinical expertise in DIPG at SickKids, bolstered by our partners and fueled by inspirational donors like Jordana’s Rainbows, the Fiorini family and their supporters, is what propels us forward in our fight against this devastating brain tumour.